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We are agents for Tillotson Racing

We are delighted to be agents for Tillotson Racing Karts. This is an exciting time for Kiltorcan we have been working hard with improving our facilities and now with becoming Tillotson agents this has been an added bonus to our business. In 2021 we will be offering customers a chance to drive a Tillotson Racing Kart. This is an ideal chance for you to try out a Tillotson kart before you buy or even if you have always wanted to drive a T4 Kart this will be your chance to. We will be launching our Tillotson Experience over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our social media for updates or join our email list.

Tillotson Racing presents the Tillotson T4 Series—a new category of racing that provides cost-effective entry into the sport of karting. The T4 Series is designed to increase participation in kartingwith a user-friendly kart package that provides an easy to learn and competitive experience for both new and seasoned drivers. The T4 Series is the new base of karting!
The T4 Series runs a mono-brand Tillotson chassis developed to suit the Tillotson TPP-225RS engine and specifically-designed tyres. In order to control costs, only stock chassis and engine components can be used in the series, and there is a dedicated technical rule set for the chassis, engine and carburetor. All countries will run the same equipment and rules package. Each year, the top drivers around the world will come together to compete in the Tillotson T4 Series World Cup.

Catch Some Speed at Kiltorcan

Catch Some Speed at Kiltorcan

We are launching our Tillotson Experience if you would be interested in driving a Tillotson Kart please

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Kiltorcan Raceway Gift Vouchers Now available

Kiltorcan Raceway Gift Vouchers make the perfect present for the thrill seeker in your life. They are available in various denomination amounts or session durations, can be redeemed against any karting activity at the circuit and are valid for 5 years.