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Kiltorcan Raceway is not just a go-kart track and racing venue, it is the home of dreams and maker of memories. We know how important that epic over take of your boss or best friend (who's ridicuously competitive) on the last turn is, grabbing first place in those glorious last few seconds of an adrenal filled race is.
Because of this you can now bring your "camera" and mount it to your helmet to record all the fun filled action. We actively encourage all racers and spectators a like to take footage and photos of their time at our kart circuit.
For those of you that have been here with us at Ireland's best go-kart track and want to post to the world for bragging right's or a mates ultimate fail you can now submit an url link to your photo or video and we will pick it up and add it to our photo or video section for all to see. We will even let you know when it goes live so you can share it with your friends across a range of social media. You can check out recent photos on Kiltorcan Raceway's photo gallery section and you can see the latest videos either in our videos section or you can now visit us on YouTube at Seriously wet Go-Kart racing at Kiltorcan raceway, Kilkenny When we said the go-kart track at Kiltorcan is all weather we weren't messing. Check out this picture from and many more super snaps in our photo gallery section HERE
Having helmets with camera mounts sometimes catches those little mistakes even the best of us make. As the first 30 seconds of this video from Marcin Piwowar's grand prix from August 2014 goes to show. (original video here) See more videos like this in our video section HERE
Submit a photo or video url here:
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