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Kiltorcan Raceway Karting Safety flag rules at kiltorcan raceway go-kart racing track All forms of motor racing can be dangerous.

Karting is one of the safest forms of motorsport, but unless drivers obey the safety regulations, accidents can occur. Safe go-kart racing at Kiltorcan is important and taken very seriously.

Before any racer is allowed on the circuit they will have received a full safety briefing on karting protocol, flag signals and driving techniques.

The below rules apply to all drivers whether you arrive as a group or individually you are expected to know and abide by the following rules:
The Karts and Gear at Kiltorcan Raceway Sodi GT3 go-kart currently in use at Kiltorcan Raceway Some of the protective clothing and helmets used at Kiltorcan Raceway Here at Kiltorcan Raceway we operate a fleet of Sodi GT5 go-karts, which are powered by a 270cc, 9hp Honda engine. Our karts are also fitted with a remote control system which allows the race marshalls to slow down one or all karts in the event of an accident or dangerous driving. The engine is also fully covered and will not result in anyone getting burnt accidently. The seating position can be adjusted providing extra comfort for everyone. Uniquely our karts are run on Liquid Petroleum Gas (L.P.G). We chose to use LPG to help improve our standard of safety towards our customers. We can assure our customers that they do not get destroyed in the refuelling of our karts and they will not go home with the smell of fumes off their clothing. In the event of a collision between two karts, fuel leakage which can lead to subsequent fire is impossible, and there will be no fuel spillages. Maintenance is a major factor in the operation of our karts. We take great pride in our karts and they are constantly inspected on a weekly basis and any minor problems are dealt with promptly to avoid any major damage or break downs on the track during a race.
Check out the weather before you visit
The top 10 questions asked of Kiltorcan Raceway Q.Do you have to book in advance?
A.If you are planning for a group then YES you have to book to be guaranteed a date and time for your go-kart event. If you are coming as an individual for an arrive and drive session then NO you do not have to book. We do however recommend ringing us here at Kiltorcan Raceway PRIOR to arrival to ensure a spot on an arrive and drive race.
Q.What are your opening hours?
A.We are open Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 midday to 18:00pm. Check our location page for full details.
Q.How much does it cost to go karting at Kiltorcan?
A.Karting at Kiltorcan Raceway can cost as little as €18 for a Junior and €24 for a Senior. There are lots of different options available and we recommend checking out our full set of prices HERE
Q.How do we get to the Kiltorcan Raceway go-kart circuit?
A.Kiltorcan Raceay is convienetly situated just off the N9 national road and the M9 motorway. For full details on how to get to us please visit our location page.
Q.Do you take bookings for Junior's?
A.Juniors are taken on an arrive and drive basis. We do however recommend ringing us here at Kiltorcan Raceway PRIOR to arrival to ensure a spot on an arrive and drive race.
Q.Can children and adults race together?
A.Children and adults can race together only when they are in a family group.
Q.What is the minimum age a child can be to race?
A.10 Years of age is the minimum age limit but a height restirction of 110cm also applies.
Q.Are the go-kart's the same for both children and adults?
A.Yes we use the same go-karts for both adult's and children. Our high tech, adaptable Sodi karts are suitable for everybody.
Q.How long can you go out on the track for?
A.Our range of individual or group packages means the time on the track can be anywhere from 15 mins to several hours. Please check the package you have booked for a more accurate idea of track time.
Q.How fast do your go-karts go?
A.While we do not publish an official go-kart speed, most drivers average a speed of 50-60KPH on our track.

Tips & Tricks from the Team at Kiltorcan Tips and tricks about racing at Kiltorcan Raceway from the tracks own staff A quick video guide from the staff at Kiltorcan Raceway showing the best lines to take when racing one of our Sodi GT3 go-karts around the track.
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