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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Kiltorcan Raceway Karting Safety

All forms of motor racing can be dangerous.

Karting is one of the safest forms of motorsport, but unless drivers obey the safety regulations, accidents can occur. Safe karting at Kiltorcan Raceway is important and taken very seriously.

Before any driver is allowed on the circuit, they will receive a full safety briefing on karting protocol, flag signals and driving techniques.

The below rules apply to all drivers whether you arrive as a group or individually. You are expected to know and abide by the following rules:

– Kiltorcan Raceway has a strict policy regarding alcohol and/or drug abuse. Any person who appears to be intoxicated or abusive will not be permitted to drive and will not be entitled to a refund.
– The Kiltorcan Raceway staff may warn, penalise or ask any driver or team to leave the circuit (and will not be entitled to a refund) if they fail to follow the track rules or are acting or driving aggressively, without regard to our rules or the safety of all other drivers.
– All drivers MUST wear a properly fitting helmet with full face visor.
– A range of protective clothing is available to all drivers.
– Appropriate footwear must be worn and securely fastened. High heels, flip flops or sandals are not appropriate footwear for karting.
– Once in your kart, the Kiltorcan Raceway staff will explain controls and answer any remaining questions that you may have.
– When on the track, the Kiltorcan Raceway staff MUST be obeyed at all times.
– Our karts are fitted with a remote-control shutdown system which allows the staff to slow or stop karts should the need arise.
– All drivers are required to know all flag signals; this is for the safety and enjoyment of all drivers.
– Should you receive a flag signal from a track marshal, you are required to obey it. Failure to comply may result in your removal from the session.
– If you lose control and spin or go off track, remain in your kart at all times and a track marshal will assist you promptly to get you back into the session.

The Karts and Gear at Kiltorcan Raceway

Here at Kiltorcan Raceway, we operate a fleet of Adult Sodi GT5 karts that are powered by 270cc, 9hp Honda engines. Our Kids karts are Sodi LR5’s which have a 120cc Honda engine. We also offer the opportunity to drive our state of the art 2Drive karts which boast a 390cc, 13hp Honda engine.

Our karts are also fitted with a remote-control shutdown system which allows the race marshals to slow down one or all karts in the event of an accident or dangerous driving. The engine is also fully covered and will not result in anyone getting burnt accidentally. The seating position and pedals can be adjusted to provide extra comfort for everyone. We also provide kart seat inserts to make the experience a bit more comfortable.

Uniquely, our karts are run on Liquid Petroleum Gas (L.P.G). We chose to use LPG to help improve our standard of safety towards our customers. We can assure our customers that their clothing will not be damaged in refuelling or spillage of fuel from our karts.

Maintenance is a major factor in the operation of our karts. We take great pride in our karts and they are constantly inspected on a daily/weekly basis and any minor problems are dealt with promptly to avoid any major damage or break downs on the track during a session.

The top 10 questions asked of Kiltorcan Raceway

Q. Do you have to book in advance?
Yes, booking is essential to avoid the disappointment of turning up at the circuit and no spaces being available for you or your group to drive. Book your spot here now.

Q. What are your opening days?
We open Wednesday to Sunday, 52 weeks of the year. Booking is essential to avoid the disappointment. Bookings can be made on our online booking system. Office hours are Wednesday to Sunday 10.00am to 5.00pm. (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.)

Q. How much does it cost to drive a kart at Kiltorcan Raceway?
Karting at Kiltorcan Raceway can cost as little as €22.00 per person for a Junior and €30.00 per person for an Adult. There are lots of different options available and we recommend checking out our Prices and Packages pages for full information.

Q. How do we get to the Kiltorcan Raceway karting circuit?
Kiltorcan Raceway is conveniently located just off the N9 national road, midway between Kilkenny City and Waterford City and M9 motorway, exit 10 Knocktopher and exit 11 Mullinavat. For full details on how to get to us please visit our Locations page.

Q. Can kids and adults drive together?
Kids and adults can drive together; however, we only recommend when within a family group or likeminded family groups.

Q. What is the minimum age a kid can drive at Kiltorcan Raceway?
Six years of age is the minimum age limit. Some height restrictions also apply.

Q. Are the karts the same for both kids and adults?
No, we have three different ranges of karts at Kiltorcan Raceway. We use the same karts for both adults and kids over 10 years of age (height restrictions do apply in some cases). Under 10 years of age we use our LR5 karts and 2Drive karts. Our high tech, adaptable Sodi karts are suitable for almost everybody.

Q. How long can you drive on the track for?
Our range of individual or group packages mean the time on the track can be anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. Please check our Packages pages for more details on sessions available.

Q. How fast do your karts go?
While we do not publish an official kart speed, most drivers average a speed of between 30KPH to 80KPH on our track depending on the kart you are driving.

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